GlobalFlavor is the first global, independent restaurant rating system. During its three years in the making, the GlobalFlavor staff has sorted through dozens of information sources about restaurants in each of the world's major cities.

Our People

The GlobalFlavor staff live in the virtual world, their physical bodies reside in various corners of the globe.

» Charlie, Editor

» Nataliya, Assistant Editor

» Julia, Design

» Mark, Marketing Director

» Rafael, Roving Reporter

» Dinesh, Chief of Research

» Lola, Roving Reporter


"A gastronome who is not also an environmentalist is an idiot. An environmentalist who is not also a gastronome is, well, sad.."
-- Carlo Petrini, Slow Food

Although excellence in preparation, service and ambiance are required for a restaurant to achieve high accolades, there are clear trends among the world's better restaurants to use wholesome and natural foods, and, as much as possible, to source foods from local wholesome and artisan producers. We are firm supporters of that trend. Look for our symbol, which identifies restaurants that agree with us.

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