What is a GlobalFlavor Best Restaurant

Every major city has thousands of restaurants that many offer food, which, like the meal on your inbound flight, is essential for refueling. The meal may be good, or even very good, but don't you want "supurb" in a wonderful or colorful setting when you have just two nights in say, Paris. Visitor guides help narrow the selection to a few hundred restaurants, but which will offer a truly special experience?

On any given busy Paris street there are many attractive looking restaurants, with sidewalk views of the action. But some are chains, or have food centrally prepared. Does the restaurant have a real chef? A restaurant might be full because of the view or location, but for that reason management may not care much about the food, or the service for that matter.

The GlobalFlavor Index definition of a "best" restaurant is one that serves "meals prepared with the highest quality, freshest ingredients, by people who greatly care what they serve, and lead by a culinary artist, whether that artist was trained in a top chef school or is a local, self-trained artisan. A meal should be served in an enjoyable, restful or at least locally interesting environment, by courteous and responsive wait-staff." The maximum GLOBALFLAVOR index of 100 means that a restaurant has achieved numerous, significant accolades from various reputable sources in recent years.

The GlobalFlavor index is:
» a "super-rating," a consensus of publicly available independent and respectable information sources and reviews,
» which have been systematically tallied and weighted in a manner that filters biases and reduces effects of personal opinions from the component sources,
» and entirely independent.

The GlobalFlavor index is global. Though travelers in Europe or the United States have the "bibles" - Michelin or Zagat guides - for many cities, and there are regional systems like Gambero Rosso in Italy or White Guide in Scandinavia, they do not cover most of the world's great cities. The GlobalFlavor index assists travelers in every corner of the world, even in the less developed areas where business travelers sometimes find themselves.

The GlobalFlavor guides and website, like the restaurant industry, are works in progress that must be continually updated - please help us do so by registering and voting for your favorite restaurants.

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