GLOBALFLAVOR is an index of top-rated restaurants in cities around the world, from the largest metropolis to the capitals of less developed or remote countries. These are restaurants with extraordinary cuisine and features that are worth seeking out when a busy global traveler arrives at a new destination, the "Premier League" restaurants of each city.

A GLOBALFLAVOR Index of 90 to 100 indicates an extraordinary restaurant, well worth a special visit. A restaurant with a GlobalFlavor Index of 100 is one of the world's best.

Restaurants with a GLOBALFLAVOR Index of 80 to 90 are well above average. We select and provide a rating an ranking for up to thirty restaurants in the biggest restaurant markets and just five in the smaller markets.

Other restaurants, which we believe are strong contenders for top rating, or which have unique and interesting features, even though not ranked, are marked our "choice" icon:

We rate restaurants in each city about once per year. The last rating date is noted on each city's main page.

The GLOBALFLAVOR index is:
» a "super-rating," a consensus of publicly available independent and respectable information sources and reviews,
» which have been systematically tallied and weighted in a manner that filters biases and reduces effects of personal opinions from the component sources,
» and entirely independent.

GLOBALFLAVOR does not rate chain restaurants, even the best, with the exception of well-regarded local operations with a few locations.

Independent, chef-owned and run restaurants are favored and hotel restaurants, though included, are penalized in the scoring.

Restaurants with "local color," features that are unique to the city or region, receive a bonus. The best restaurants usually have a commitment to natural and wholesome produce and ingredients and support local artisan food producers - farm-to-table - and we note these with our "act local" icon: .

The GLOBALFLAVOR Index and the website and guidebook series have been three years in the making. Our staff has sorted through dozens of information sources about restaurants in each of the world's major cities. In addition to this extensive background research, our staff also obtained feedback on its selections from scores of experienced diners and world travelers.

Restaurant ratings incite as much controversy as any political or religious discussion so we know we can expect comments. We welcome them with the belief that this will better the GLOBALFLAVOR index by providing more data points.

Also, we may miss some great restaurants, particularly new, in some cities. Our readers are welcome to draw our attention to any we miss for the next round of ratings.

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